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Kamu termasuk kaum milenial yang selalu haus akan berita? Jika iya, tentu kamu sudah tidak asing lagi dengan salah satu jenis teks bahasa Inggris, news item. Sesuai dengan namanya, teks ini berisi informasi dan berita terkini yang layak dan dianggap penting untuk disampaikan kepada pembaca. Jika kamu bercita-cita menjadi jurnalis profesional, kamu wajib mengetahui seluk beluk teks berita ini.

Sebuah berita harus mengandung sejumlah informasi penting yang disampaikan secara sistematis agar mudah dicerna oleh pembaca maupun pendengar. Oleh karena itu, teks berita harus mengikuti kaidah kebahasaan dan struktur khusus agar mudah diterima. Jangan lewatkan pembahasan lengkap mengenai teks berita berikut ini ya!

Pengertian News Item Text

Menurut pengertiannya, news item adalah teks yang memberikan informasi tentang peristiwa atau kejadian. Namun tidak semua kejadian layak untuk dimasukkan ke dalam teks berita ya. Terdapat beberapa kriteria khusus mengenai peristiwa yang dapat dimuat dalam teks berita, antara lain dapat memberikan manfaat bagi pembaca, baru saja terjadi, dan masih hangat diperbincangkan.

Teks berita mempunyai tujuan komunikatif, yaitu untuk menyampaikan informasi kepada pembaca atau pendengar mengenai sebuah peristiwa yang layak dikonsumsi publik. Dalam penyampaiannya, teks berita harus mengikuti kaidah kebahasaan dan struktur yang telah ditentukan.

Kaidah Kebahasaan News Item

Apa sih yang dimaksud dengan kaidah kebahasaan? Kaidah kebahasaan merupakan aturan yang berkaitan dengan bahasa penulisan sebuah teks, dalam hal ini adalah news item. Sebagai contoh, teks harus menggunakan simple present, menggunakan adverb, dan lain sebagainya. Kaidah kebahasaan dapat juga disebut sebagai ciri kebahasaan.

Lantas, apa saja yang menjadi ciri-ciri kebahasaan dari teks berita? Kamu yang tertarik untuk menulis berita wajib tahu ciri-ciri berikut ini lho.

  • Mempunyai headline yang berisi informasi singkat terkait dengan berita yang dibahas
  • Fokus pada satu kejadian
  • Menggunakan saying verbs seperti inform, report, say
  • Menggunakan action verbs
  • Menggunakan material process

Generic Structure News Item

Tidak hanya kaidah kebahasaan, generic structure juga butuh diperhatikan lho. Hihi… Generic structure merupakan struktur penulisan yang mengatur bagian-bagian dari teks tersebut. Secara umum, news item terbagi menjadi tiga bagian yaitu main event, background event, dan source. Seperti apa penjelasan masing-masing bagian?

1. Main event

Main event juga dikenal sebagai newsworthy event. Bagian ini berisi berita tentang peristiwa atau kejadian yang ditulis secara ringkas. Bisa dikatakan bahwa main event merupakan ringkasan dari keseluruhan berita yang akan dibahas.

2. Background event

Sering juga disebut sebagai elaboration, background event merupakan bagian yang menjabarkan ringkasan sebagaimana ditulis pada bagian sebelumnya. Kamu bisa menuliskan latar belakang kejadian, kronologi kejadian, siapa yang terlibat, kapan dan di mana peristiwa tersebut terjadi.

3. Source

Teks berita biasanya ditutup oleh source. Bagian ini memberikan informasi tentang komentar, pendapat ahli, saksi kejadian, atau informasi pendukung lainnya yang berkaitan dengan pemberitaan. Pastikan untuk menulis pendapat atau komentar yang relevan dengan inti berita.

Contoh News Item

Contoh News Item Text #1

Discovery of the Biggest Insect

Scientist has found the biggest insects in the world—big enough to scoff a carrot. The newly discovered insect is named Weta Bug. It weighs three times heavier than a mouse and it has 7-inch wing span.

Mark Moffett is an entomologist who found this cricket-like creature. The 55 years old entomologist had to climb up a tree on Little Barrier Island, New Zealand only to find this giant insect. The critters were thought to be extinct as rats came to the island, brought by the Europeans. But Mark kept searching and spent no less than two days before finding this precious Weta Bug.

Mark said that the discovery was amazing, considering Weta Bug was the largest insect ever recorded in the world.

Americans on Cruise Ship Obstructed to Enter the US after Failed

Contoh News Item Text #2

Coronavirus Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine in Yokohama, Japan, officially ended on Wednesday. But the struggle seems far from over for the crew and passengers. The number of coronavirus infection keeps increasing. As of Wednesday, there was 621 infected passengers aboard. It means the cruise ship becomes the largest cluster of novel coronavirus infection outside China.

The Japanese government’s decision to quarantine on the Diamond Princess ship is facing international criticism. The isolation that was intended to deter the further spread of Covid-19 ended up infecting more people. Source reported that the case also include 3 Japanese health officials. They were assigned to support the quarantine.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of an institute associated with allergy and contagious diseases said that the quarantine was failed. More people were getting infected, whether it was because of the awry handling process or other reason.

Arnold Hopland, a cruise ship passenger from Tennessee was with his wife aboard. He mentioned some hints to what went wrong inside the ship. The passengers were allowed to chat with other passengers and walked on the decks. Even though they were asked to wear masks, not all of them are compliant. This could explain the increasing number of infections in the cruise ship.

Meanwhile, America chartered an evacuation plane to pick up the passengers. But before boarding, each passenger was tested to make sure they did not contract the virus. Arnold Hopland was negative from the virus but his wife was infected to the virus. She was one of 14 Americans who were positive for the Covid-19. They were rushed to a local hospital.

At the same time, the US authority announced that the passengers and crew are obstructed from entering the US. At least for 14 days after disembarking from the ship. The healthy passengers already flew back to the US under federal quarantine order at a military base.

Contoh News Item Text #3

Partying Cows

Massachusetts – At least six cows crashed a party and stole beer in Massachusetts. According to the police, the herd escaped from a farm and rushed to the party. It was not clear what attracted the cows so much that they ran into the crowd.

Seeing uninvited cows joined the party, an attendees called 911. Police officers came a few minutes later and saw the cows were drinking the beer. “They actually drank the beer and they seemed enjoyed it.” The officer reported that the cows were really like human as they were drinking on the picnic table.

Lt James Riter said that the cows went for the beer. When they were done with one, they would find another and finished it. To prevent further chaos, officers herded the cows back to their farm. There was no injured attendees or significant property loss reported after the incident.

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